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"Relay" is bringing Awareness and Raising Dollars to Fund Research, Find Cures and Promote Prevention!

Love, Hugs and Prayers = Hope!
Donations will = A Cure!

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Michael Langberg Jr.  Email: 307.214.4219 

"Bringing Resources, Hope, Love, and Prayers to

those that are suffering with or fighting Cancer."


2224 W. 42nd St. Casper, WY 82604



My name is Cody Wood. I am a two time cancer survivor, with my latest run of cancer being just this year. I had a very rare form of cancer, called Ewings Sarcoma. The chemotherapy treatment was so intense that I was not able to work and lost my job because of this terrible disease. Without an income to support our family, we had many family members and friends come to our aid, but very few were able to help and donate as much as “Relay the Cancer Awareness Clown”.

I had only known Relay for a few months but had shared my story with him and the challenges that presented themselves. Relay has a great understanding of the cancer lifestyle, which makes him easy to talk to, as well as having a deep understanding of specific difficulties that a cancer patient faces. Without ever meeting me in person, Relay jumped in to action! In a matter of weeks he had already had an event planned and put together to bring awareness to cancer in general, but to also raise funds to help support my family.

With a large social media presence, personal meet and greets, and the overall behind the scenes effort to put something like this together, Relay was able to raise enough money for my family that it replaced an entire months worth of income! As I mentioned… We had many donations coming in to help support us during this long difficult road. But the donation from Relays efforts and the people at the event brought in more than any other donation we received.

Excepting help can be an extremely difficult thing to do. Sometimes more than going through cancer itself. Being this was my second time going through this awful disease, I knew that my family had to swallow our pride, and receive the help. It was necessary to keep our family afloat. The one thing that I didn’t take in to consideration when receiving donations was how it would decrease the level of overall stress. When receiving Relay’s generous donation it was like the world was lifted off of our shoulders! It allowed us to focus on beating the disease and not worry about how we are going to pay the next bill or fill the refrigerator. So, not only did Relay’s efforts allow us to bridge the gap financially, but it allowed us to be a stronger Cancer Warrior, and beat this terrible disease!

I finished my chemo treatments a short few weeks ago and have a clean bill of health. My family will forever be grateful for Relay’s generosity, bringing awareness to cancer, and the people fighting it on a daily basis. His mission is needed and the public is very fortunate to have people like Relay fighting the fight, even when the patient may not be strong enough to fight for themselves.

Thank you Relay!

Cody Wood