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"Relay" is bringing Awareness and Raising Dollars to Fund Research, Find Cures and Promote Prevention!

Love, Hugs and Prayers = Hope!
Donations will = A Cure!

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Michael Langberg Jr.  Email: 307.214.4219 

"Bringing Resources, Hope, Love, and Prayers to

those that are suffering with or fighting Cancer."


  About Relay the Cancer Clown   

"Relay" is committed to helping find a cure for cancer by increasing awareness and raising dollars for cancer research.

Relay For Life
Participant ID #35483817
Team Name: Carol Gollobit
Event Name: Relay for Life of Laramie County


I would like to start by saying thank you for your time as well as all you do for this Fight. I am writing in hope that you guy’s can help me in my Fight Like A Girl to Save More Birthday’s. I am an all around Cancer Awareness Clown, but in honor of my Mother Tina Butterfield I wear Pink. She is a 2X Brest Cancer Survivor. I have had so many friends and family members that have not won there fight with this Killer. So I will stand in the name of my Father God and do his will of sharing Love that I might bring a little Hope and Awareness to the World.

I am working in His name that we may bring just One More Birthday to loved ones if it His Blessing. So I pray that he will work with me on this to stop so many from leaving us so soon. I believe in his time and when he calls us home, but he also has gave us something that if done right he will honor or works and allow this one last gift of life. I believe that if we can show the most important of all things his blessing will be shown and that is why we are here. If we can Shine with His Love we are doing just as he tells us in his words. Love is the most important thing that we can give to this world. It is Love that he gave so much for us. I want to give that back and I want to see this world change. This is so close to my Heart and it would mean so much if you could join me in this Fight!

I am in need of help with funding for expenses to events that I have been asked to attend. Everywhere I turn I am being lead to just the right people and it all just works out how he planed. I have events coming up very soon and I am needing to have things in order to make the events. I have a list of ways you can give. I am looking forward to talking and sharing anything else with you. I thank you again for your time. I pray you have a great and blessed rest of the week.